Beautiful Reflections

by Sam Jones

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My tenth album. Album X. Whatever you want to call it. I'm extremely happy with it.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me this year, and has really made it possible for me to create a piece of work I'm proud of. You know who you are.


released December 17, 2015

All tracks written, recorded, mixed and mastered by myself.



all rights reserved


Sam Jones Liverpool, UK

I'm a Liverpool based solo musician who likes recording things. Maybe you'll like them!

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Track Name: Geocentric
I'm afraid I've lost my way
I'm afraid I've lost my way
We'll be strangers to the grave
I'm afraid I've lost my way

I am a sailor with no name
I'll die for fortune but not for fame
Things don't have to stay the same
I am a sailor with no name

What is my cause
What did she send me here for
I lived before
And every breath I closed another door

I am a victim burning red
I am a victim burning red
I purged the dark thoughts from my head
And left my broken self for dead

I am a nightmare in the storm
I'm not the one who left before
With victims drowned and resolves torn
I am a nightmare in the storm

I lost my fleet
Where the celestial rivers meet
But I don't mind
Because I'm still here
Fighting for my life
Track Name: Ship of Theseus
I've lost my mind before
And I'm not gonna do it again
I dug up all the torture
And lost sight where the river bends

Through all these lands of buried hands
And anger with no face
They come undone under the sun
When salted water hits their face
But at what cost

I hope they take you far away
So we can learn to start a brighter future
Than today

And soon we'll near
The dissapeared
Refuse ourselves the right
But they don't care anyway

My hands are tied
From the inside
We won't stop this voyage till we
Land on something new
I'll sleep tonight knowing I'm not
Under the same sky as you

I see the demons through the haze
They're watching
Waiting for a repeat of my past mistakes
Forever haunted by your face
And all the faults and missteps
That drove me from your embrace

But what's the use
Of letting myself fade
I will make my new mark
Under this new sun
Under this new sun

Soon we'll near
The dissapeared
Refuse ourselves the right
And when we hear
Those words we fear
Our crew won't last the night
But we won't run, no

I don't need anyone else to stay strong
And I will climb over these dunes
And look down on everyone
I know you're entitled to
Make your own choice
And I can stand myself up proud
And scream my own voice
It's your fucking loss

I know I'm the answer to someone's question
Even if it's not yours
I'm gonna be a better man
Than I ever was before
It's your fucking loss
Track Name: Painted Echoes
I'm lost at sea
Don't bother me
All I've left is fear
Let these salted currents
Cover me

Your words
Carried for miles
And eventide is near
I lost your gaze
But I hope you find your peace my dear

My friends won't know my face
If I ever saw them once again
My fleeting thoughts gave chase
To a future with impending end

It's rising from the soup beneath
The hiding place of all my fears and deep
Desires I never shared with any
One for fear they'd want me to push on
Until I can't control the only thing
I wanted so much more than
Peace inside my heart and mind with you

I can't turn back now but please
It's burning me up
And the night seems like it won't come
No the night seems like it won't come
It won't come
I was sworn to drive you all
It's not the outcome I foresaw
But I have held my breath for
Longer than I ever could before

He was a sinner from the start
With brightest eyes and darkest heart
And he did not deserve my trust
But all my insecurities
Were there for them to turn to dust

But I'm a force of nature now
And I am stronger than someone
Who hides behind a cowl
And I'm feeling new doubt
Something I can't live without
Made my way across the world in half the time
It took for you to fade away

I won't stand for being left behind
I will give my eyes till I go blind
I will scream until I lose my speech
And I will give chase till I can't feel my feet

I will work harder than before
And I will scrape my fragile bones along the floor
I will drop the weight that slows me down
If only just to wear another's crown
Track Name: Elysium
So what do you think we could change
To break this cycle of despair and pain
I want to be anywhere else
Than here

Please tell me we'll wake up
Please tell me this isn't the land I spent my
Whole life dreaming of
It was never made for us
When they picked their leader
They wanted someone who
They could turn to dust

Throughout this war
I made my peace
I have learned to see their true forms
And I've cast them out into the sea
A true paradise will await me
Come what may
If I sacrifice what little's left
I still believe that I'll pay my way
Track Name: Palace of Dust
One day
We will find our land
Inside the
Long dark
That covers every strand
Of this unknown
Digit of
Pre-ordained luck

I will
Ride my calloused feet
Into the
That cooks the tender meat
Beneath the
Shell of
Something I've since lost
Before I forgot
What adulation cost

And I'm still sitting here
I'm still petrified by
How I'll ever start to move on

I can feel
Colder hands than time
Begin to push me
Out from your thoughts
And further into mine

And I'm afraid I've lost my way

No one else
Would recognise me now
I am a
With broken sawtooth growl
This night
Will be the end of me
I am a victim
A mental amputee
Please take me home

I'd give anything
To be back inside
My own four walls with you still by my side
I'm a sailor with no name
And I will recall all
These beautiful reflections in the rain
Track Name: Board of Sands
I hope they've found their place
Inside this mindless gulf
A different form of grace
A problem they can't solve

The walls were built to stand
Against the tides of hate
These pioneers of man
Their arrogance drawn late

And I hope you find your heart
Beneath this board of sands
Still waiting to restart
My world within your hands

There's no one I want more
To see me at my end
A gentle nevermore
A smile from my best friend

And I know that it gets dark in here
No oxygen to breathe
But there's another place more beautiful
Than our minds can conceive
I know we'll find it soon
We'll find it
Cast all your stones of serotonin to the sea
And help them leave

It'll never stop consuming us
Still higher and higher it goes
A wave of anger paying back
All of the bones we broke

When everything we know
Has crumbled into dust
A new fire will ignite inside
The minds of both of us

And I know that you're still scared of heights
And rays that pierce the veil
But we can't accept this as a loss
When there's no room to fail
I know I'll find you soon
I'll find you
Hold onto all of your most impossible dreams
And let them sail
Track Name: Heliocentric
Can you feel it
Tearing up from under us
It's not our actions that
Define our lovers

Please stop
It's not the end of what they know
But it's come to a point where
Our souls have run out of room to grow

I hope they take your face
And your hands
And your false smile

Over the banks of this dark horizon
We will find our fate,
Come what may
Come what may
we'll celebrate the ones we love
And those we've come to hate
Come what may
Come what may

I'm afraid I've lost my name
I'll die for any small acclaim
A thousand miles I feel the same
I am a victim burning white
I lost my days to endless nights
And I'm alive
But I can see the truth below
It's growing in the undertow
And one day soon my soul will show

My true love
She waits for me beneath
The bottom of this sea
My torn heart
Is buried in the reef
Where it can fall asleep