The Lightning Tree

by Sam Jones

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My ninth album. Hope you enjoy it!

This album is for everyone who has been so supportive and caring to me in what has been a difficult year in my life. This record wouldn't exist if it wasn't for you - there are too many of you to name, but you know who you are.

This album is also for everyone who has ever taken the time to listen to my music, given me feedback, seen me perform, written about it or recommended it, and supported me in my creative endeavours over the years - particularly to those of you who have been doing so ever since I started back in 2009.

It's been a great ride. Thank you.


released December 23, 2014

All songs written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Sam Jones



all rights reserved


Sam Jones Liverpool, UK

I'm a Liverpool based solo musician who likes recording things. Maybe you'll like them!

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Track Name: The Lightning Tree
There's nothing colder
Than facing up
To a lack of control
These sterile hands
Won't ever take
The deeper pains away

What happens within
Rots the wild machines of time
And I can't help but dream
Of returning to what once was mine

Why can't I see
What comes next while
Waiting on my
Heart's arrest and

If I grow old
What does that mean
Is it too late
Too be born clean

But outside these walls and windows
The weather's closing in
And I can't bear to take these steps
With my form so weak
And paper thin
Why can't I see the end point
Cos I don't know if I've even
Woken up

But these reflections
Hide your face and
My fragile heart can't
Find its space
If we lived forever
Would things change
Or are we too lost
To take the blame
Track Name: Dark Harvest
Make them break
Let the arteries swim
Let it gush away
These darkest seeds
That twist and turn
Inside my tired brain

Cos it's been twenty thousand days
And though I put my face on
I still can't escape
It's time to harvest all this pain
And let it find
Its perfect angry space

Curse the sun
And howl in pain at the
Moon that breaks the dark
I stoked these fires
That kept the ones
I loved most from my heart

Because I see you every night
And though it's not your fault
I'm sick of trying to fight
I've never said a thing of worth
But I'm not the same man
That I was at my birth

I just want to be loved
I just want to be the one
That someone's thinking of

Let it rise
Thing anger just gets
Worse when left inside
And help me scream
I'm half alive and
I don't know what it means

And is it still worth holding on
Survival of the fittest
I just don't belong
I'm looking through the other side
Cos this place is fucked and torn apart
I'm waiting to arrive
To arrive
Track Name: The Sunken Temple
It's not something that can be seen with open eyes
The place where all the souls are caught
Beneath the muddied silent tides
And I can't let these claws wrap around my feet
And drag me down into the place
Where all these minds can never sleep

Please free me
If you cared at all
Or release me
I don't want you to see me fall

This medication's hurting me again
It's not something that I expect
The ones I love to comprehend
And I don't know if this is all that I deserve
But there has to be a line between
The heaven's peak
And hell on earth

I'm so tired
Of being the root of others' pain
And feeling
That I'm the ones who's gone insane
But all my instincts turn to dust
When I don't know who I can trust
But that's not right
And that's not fair
To think that you have never cared

Forgive me
Please let me show
A place we never
Got to know
I love you
With all my heart
I'd walk through hell
For a fresh start

One more chance
Is all I need
To show you how bright
Things could be
Take my love
It's yours to keep
So it can breathe
When I'm asleep

Take my love
It's yours to keep
So it can breathe
When I'm asleep
Track Name: Diazepam
You're doing fine
You're not all that sick
Take your true love
And banish it

You're so defiant
Of colour swarms
We don't always
Get what we want

I don't know what we're lying for
And I don't believe that this is what
We needed all along
My heart rate just keeps sinking more
And there's just no easy way to bring it back
So take this world
Let it collapse

I risked it all
I miss it so much
The summer's breeze
The gentle touch

So rot in this hole
When half at ease
The results will show
My fallacies

I know I've seen this all before
But that doesn't excuse me from
Destroying it all
You're just so fucking beautiful
But there's just no easy way to bring you back
So take this world, let it collapse

In the middle of the night I'll think
Back to how it started
And I'll scratch their names onto my arm
To honour the departed
But we try to keep an even glance
Over their tombs
And we will dance
For admiration and respect
To celebrate the ones who left

And later on we'll collapse in
To hide away from where we've been
Forget that there's a world outside
The gaze of one another's eyes
And that night we will fall asleep
Removed from all the doubts that creep
Into our heads in waking lives
We can't go back
We'll stay till it arrives
Track Name: Pitch
It's hard to count how many hours
That I sat and waited
Just blowing smoke and staying calm
From all the judging faces

And I knew this was the right place
And I had nothing left to risk
Because in my head
I had shot dead
Any right to exist

And I saw you out there smiling
Making waves with hands and feet
Finally in your element in ways
I always hoped to meet

But we're miles away from home now
And though I wanted to be near
There's a petrifying word that
Just runs circles in my ear

There's a part of me that wanted
To stand up and meet his gaze
Full of anger and bravado and
Put my fist into his face

But I'm so tired of hurting others
In this state of broken health
And in these dying dreams
And whispered cries
I only hurt myself

So I waited for the road to clear
And saw you walk away
Holding hands with someone new who took
My frailed hope away

But it doesn't fucking matter
What I think or who's to blame
Just as long as you're now happy
I can try to find the strength to walk aw
Track Name: Break/Build
What does this silence mean
There's no one listening
What God did this to me
No hole to crawl back in

I walked a thousand miles
Without a place to roam
The only part of me
Alive that I could show
And what's the difference
Between an end and a start anyway

But come on
What pieces are you so scared of
He is everything you said you want
And I can't qualify his empty words
But it's not about what we deserve
Or what we want

What do they want from me
I've destroyed everything
I've lost the whole of me and I
Can't rebuild everything

I hope I'm bright enough
To learn from my mistakes
And I last long enough
To finally find my place
I only wanted you
To be happy in the end
It's not a test

But my friends
Things will always work out
In the end
And they're finally starting
To amend
But I'm so far away from everyone
And I miss you all so fucking much
I can't go on

But come on
What pieces are you so scared of
He is everything you said you want
And I can't qualify my empty words
But it's not about what I deserve
Or what I want